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Custom Catering Chef

My name is Andrew Kuse. I am originally from BC and moved to this beautiful Island in 2018, with my girl, the lovely lady on the right and our two kitties. Aside from cooking, I enjoy the outdoors- going to the beach, camping, hiking, fishing, etc. My favorite part of PEI is the beaches and beach combing. When I am not in the kitchen, you will usually find me gaming out. I've been a gamer since the 80's, so I like a lot of the classic games. I also collect gaming systems as well as statues and figures. I am currently selling my toy collection and moving on to bigger and better things. On Sunday mornings I attend/volunteer at Center Point Church, held in the Charlottetown Cineplex. I am proud to call PEI my home, and am honored to be bringing the fully customizeable catering option to PEI.

I have been cooking for 20 years.  I guess you could say, it is a passion of mine, haha.  In fact, years ago, I once told my best friend, who is now my wife, that cooking was like oxygen to me.  If someone told me I would never be able cook again, I would be lost. A huge part of me would die inside, and I would feel as though my life had lost its purpose.

Food is my passion - my art is creating a delicious and surprising menu that will overwhelm your every sense. Coming up with new menu ideas and new recipes is my creative outlet.  I love experimenting in the kitchen.  But what I love even more is seeing people's faces and getting their reactions after they've tasted something I made.  Food is the fastest way to the heart.

Another of my passions and hobbies are creating gourmet hot sauces and blended spices and rubs. I also enjoy pickling and canning. My pickled carrots are to die for!

Over the years, I have worked in 8 different restaurant kitchens and 3 different camp kitchens. I've learned so much over the years from each kitchen I've worked in about how things are prepared, cooked, plated and served.  I'm also great with pairing, I know just what foods and wines to pair together to make your taste buds sing and dance. Over the past 12 years, I have also done some Catering for Private Dinner Parties and Small Buffet Events. I am also currently working on attaining my culinary red seal. Most days, I can be found preparing food at the Brickhouse in downtown Charlottetown on Sydney Street.

Chef Andrew Kuse


Planner & Designer

My name is Paula Kuse, or you might know me as "Sadie". "Sadie" is just a nickname that came from the classic musical film Funny Girl. I am a big fan of classic film and musicals. I'm in my 30s, married to the wonderful man on the left, who just happens to be my best friend and business partner. We have two sweet kitties named Fern Alice and Oscar Tobias. On Sunday mornings, I attend/volunteer at Center Point Church, held in the Charlottetown Cineplex. My heart truly belongs to the sea and all things vintage, antique and heirloom, from the Victorian Era through the 1950s. I feel so blessed to call Prince Edward Island my home.


I LOVE love and weddings, but as much as I love weddings, I think I might love 50th and 60th anniversary parties even more! I just adore seeing an older couple who are still very much in love and smitten with each other as they were when they said vows all those years ago. It always makes me emotional, and I definitely hope to have that with my husband when we're older. My favorite part about the wedding is probably a tie between when couples come together before the ceremony to hold hands and pray behind a wall or door, and watching the Groom's face as the Bride walks down the aisle. It's always THE BEST when they have not done a "first look" beforehand and the first time he is seeing her is when those doors open and she walks through.


I have always loved weddings since I was a little girl and had been planning my own since I was about 5 years old. However, the wedding I always dreamed I would have couldn't have been further from the style of wedding that I actually had. My goodness, how my taste changed over the years. The important thing to remember is, it is OK that your tastes and styles change, as long you are being true to yourself and also taking your future spouse into consideration during the planning and design process as well, as it is their wedding too.

I have been an Internationally Certified Wedding Planner since 2012. I have planned a few intimate events over the years, However, it is only recently, over the past 4 years, that I have really begun to pursue a career as a wedding and event planner and designer. I am excited to have teamed up with my husband, who is a custom catering chef, and together we can offer you a more rounded wedding and event experience. I work as the event manager for my husband, as well as offering services of my own. I offer both Full & Partial Planning as well as Wedding Management, Wedding Decorating, some Floral Design and Decor Rentals.

After the excitement of the engagement, typically, soon to be brides look at the tasks ahead and feel overwhelmed, and they have no idea where to start. I work as a team with the bride every step of the way as her wedding dream unfolds. I am very excited and looking forward to whatever creative ideas you have in store for me. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and share in the joy of your special day.

Paula Kuse