Save the Monarch Butterflies

Have you ever wondered why Heart of the Island Intimate Events has butterflies on their logo? Well, as many of you know Monarch butterflies are an endangered species not just here on The Island but all across North America. Heart of the Island Intimate Events is excited to team up with BBEMA, Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association's Monarch Butterfly Waystation Habitat in the goal to bring Monarchs back to Prince Edward Island. Upon bringing them over to be released on The Island, the Monarchs will then return to the place of their release every year, as part of their migratory pattern, as long as there is butterfly milkweed plentifully available for them.


We will be donating a percentage of our client's payment, in each couple's name, to BBEMA to assist in funding the ongoing expenses of growth and maintenance for the habitat. In this way, all of our couples can share in the joy of replenishing The Island with such a stunning, artistic beauty.

Rest assured, our client's will never be asked or expected to pay anything extra to do this, and we will never ask them to donate any money out of their own pockets. The donation will be coming directly out of their regular bill. So essentially, Heart of the Island Intimate Events is just making less money for ourselves. We're making the donation from our own paycheck; we're just choosing to do it in our happy couple's names.


We would like to thank all of our couples in advance for making these donations possible. Let's #SaveTheMonarchs together!

If you are interested in starting your own Monarch Waystation Habitat please reach out to BBEMA or visit their website for details.

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