What does it all mean?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Last week I introduced you all to our talented Custom Caterer, Chef Andrew Kuse. This week I wanted to take a moment to explain to everyone the meaning behind our business name and our logo.

First, I would like to break everything down and talk about the first word and first part of our name, "Heart". It is such a simple word, but it holds so much meaning for us and for our business.

My husband and I traveled across the country from BC to make our home here on Prince Edward Island 6 months ago. This island has been a part of my heart and soul since I was a young girl growing up in the country in central Pennsylvania. My absolute favorite love story is that of Anne & Gilbert, and it's funny how life turns out, because I was so blessed to marry a man, who, in his own way, is the Gilbert to my Anne. Our own love story had many similarities and reflections of their love story and we paid tribute to that in our own wedding, inspired by the Anne of Green Gables series.

While living in BC, we both kept feeling a pull towards the Maritimes and doors began to close there and open up here. Since moving to the Island, we have been nothing but accepted and blessed around every corner. We attend an amazing church full of so much love and support and we have become friends with several other wedding professionals. We honestly could not have asked for anything better.

My husband and I each had our own separate businesses, but after moving to Charlottetown (some may call it the "Heart" of the Island, being the capital city and the main hub of the Island), we decided to team up together and show the Island not only our own hearts, and the love we have towards each other, but also to share in other's love stories. So we combined our businesses to work hand in hand together in the wedding industry.

Because we have been so incredibly blessed here, we want to also give back to this beautiful Island we are so privileged to call home. Our hearts truly lie in community and promoting local wedding professionals and their businesses and working with local farmers and fishermen.

Secondly, I would like to talk about the second part of our name, "Intimate Events". My husband and I are both very family oriented people with a heart for simple, old-fashioned romance. We love intimacy and closeness and have a close-knit group of family, friends and "framily" (friends that are our chosen family). We are both simple people and like to keep things simple yet classy and elegant and let the romance speak volumes for itself.

We want to bring that professional touch of romantic intimacy, class and elegance to your smaller, more intimate event. We gladly work with numbers as low as 2-100 people. We are not just available for wedding receptions, but also all the other intimate, romantic events that come along in life such as First Dates, Private Dinner Parties, Proposal Dinners, Engagement Parties, Bridal Showers, Anniversary Parties, Baby Showers, Vow Renewals, Birthday Parties, Reunions and Celebrations of Life. We want to be there to celebrate your lives with you, because your love story is truly something worth celebrating.

Lastly, I want to talk about all of the small details that are included in the logo itself. The heart is there for obvious reasons. The old-fashioned couple represents the Victorian & Edwardian Era styles and the love that Anne & Gilbert made the Island famous for, so we wanted to pay tribute to that as well. The Monarch butterflies are there to represent that we have chosen to make a small donation in each of our couples names to an organization here on the Island that preserves and protects the endangered Monarch butterflies, this is just another way we want to give back to the Island and the people who live here. And last but not least, we couldn't have a logo without it's lovely background, paying a tribute to the ocean and another of the Island greatest summer beauties, it's Lupins.

We want you all to know that we didn't just come here and start a business and use Island related things as a tactic to lure clients in. This Island is a part of us deep down and we feel very blessed and honored to call Prince Edward Island our home.

Now knowing all of the background, if Heart of the Island Intimate Events sounds like a team that you want to work with for your wedding day or another intimate romantic event in your life, please do not hesitate to be in touch. Because we are so new here and people are still just finding out about us, we have a mostly open availability for 2019 bookings and beyond. However, I have a feeling that that won't last too long, so make sure to jump on it and schedule you consultations on our website today.

Many heartfelt blessings to you all,

Paula Kuse ~ Wedding Planner & Catering Events Manager

Chef Andrew Kuse ~ Custom Catering Chef


Are you dreaming of a destination wedding

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