Marriage Officiant: Morissa Ings

~ A Perfect Match ~

Heart of the Island Intimate Events meets A Perfect Match in this Marriage Officiant!

From the moment we met, there was an instant connection. We thought we were getting together for a quick meet and greet while her dog was at the groomers. We had such a great time talking, laughing and getting to know each other. Four hours later, after we realized what time it was, she had to call the groomer and apologize for being longer than expected and was on her way. But oh what fun! Morissa is so easy to talk to and connect with. She will put you right at ease, and after 15 minutes, you will feel as though you've known each other for 15 years!

Morissa is also a Paramedic, which is such an amazing additional asset to be able to add to our Heart of the Island Team! You never know when an emergency may arise. Due to her personality and training, she is able to remain calm, cool, collected and professional in the middle of the storm, whether that be literally preforming a wedding in the middle of Hurricane Dorian, almost losing a bride due to low sugar from not eating, or getting her car run into while pulling in to preform a ceremony. The show must go on as smoothly as possible.

Did you know, Morissa is also a singer and flautist, which has also come in handy and time or two at a wedding, when the sound equipment was not working.

Morissa does require meetings beforehand in preparation for the wedding ceremony and to get to know the couple a bit more. She writes a new customized wedding speech, specially tailoring it to each individual couple to make their wedding uniquely about them. This adds a wonderful personal touch to every wedding she preforms. Her couple's love it and her reviews are always glowing!

See & Listen to Morissa in action!

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Are you dreaming of a destination wedding

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Have you been inspired by the

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We understand. Our hearts have been captured by it all too and know just how to make your day a dream come true.

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